Commentaries on Sri Yogananda’s Sayings

This webinar series has finished.

“Once the mind is interiorized,” Paramhansa Yogananda said, “and withdrawn from its identification with the world and with the body, the inner light comes into clear and steady focus. The inner sounds become all-absorbing. Aum fills the brain; its vibration moves down the spine, bursting open the door of the heart’s feeling, then flowing out into the body. The whole body vibrates with the sound of Aum.

“Gradually, with ever-deeper meditation, the consciousness expands with that sound. Moving beyond the confines of the body, it embraces the vastness of infinite vibration. You realize your oneness with all existence as Aum, the Cosmic Vibration.

Please join us as we support each other on this beautiful journey of Self Realization every alternate Friday with Dr. Amar , Brahmacharini Blezy and teachers from Ananda Pune at 7:30pm IST.