Today researchers verify what yogis have claimed for centuries – meditation can help reduce stress and improve life. Join our MEDITATION class today and enhance your life.

  • Live a happier, restful and harmonious life.
  • Function more intuitively, creatively and energetically at your workplace and home.
  • Live in the present moment, away from the anxiety of past and future.
  • Make healthy and positive changes in your lifestyle.
  • Explore the inner world filled with joy and bring that joy to the world.

Yoganandaji taught two basic techniques that can be learned and practiced by anyone, of any faith, on any path. These techniques bring spiritual and practical benefits to everyone.

The Hong-Sau technique of concentration is an ancient and well-known practice used widely throughout India. It involves the observation of the breath in conjunction with a mantra to quiet the mind and focus it at a single point.
The Energisation Exercises were formulated by Yoganandaji himself, initially as a means by which the boys at his school in Ranchi (India) could focus their youthful energies and develop their will power. He called this practice the “Tissue-Will System of Body and Mind Perfection”. It consists of thirty-nine exercises to be practiced each day in a specific order.


Nayaswami Dhyana, Spiritual Director Ananda India talks about this course.

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